50 Years of Stories

About This Project

It has been an exciting 50 year journey for the Santa Clara Vanguard. Year after year, our members perform spectacular productions, in amazing venues, for eager fans all around the country. Regardless of the year you were active in our organization, all of us share that common bond and the love we have for this activity and SCV.

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we are creating a unique book that will capture stories from every decade of the Santa Clara Vanguard. We invite current members, alumni, parents, volunteers, staff, and fans alike to partake in this special event and share your SCV story!

What does the Vanguard mean to you? Who was your inspiration? Who left an indelible mark on your heart? Did you march the Tournament of Roses Parade? If so, which year? How many miles did you travel to come to Santa Clara? Who were your friends then, and do you still stay in touch today? How many generations in your family marched with SCV? What was it like the first time you performed in your uniform? When was the first time you saw the Santa Clara Vanguard? How has SCV influenced the life you live now?

The emotions we share tie us together, and these stories will connect us to our future! We invite you to share as little or as much as you like. Perhaps you would prefer to share a photographic story. Pictures are certainly welcome! This is an opportunity to share your piece of history and be part of this fantastic Anniversary book.

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