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Welcome to SC Vanguard - 50 Years of Stories, a project to collect notes, memories, tales and pictures from the Santa Clara Vanguard community about everything that has happened over our 50 year history.

An invitation is required to participate in this project. If you have not recieved one, email You will need to click the link in the invitation email in order to be eligible to add your messages and pictures to this project.

To keep this project and our SCV community safe, you'll need to sign up to participate and verify your email address. This helps ensure that all participation is authentic.

Adding Content

Creating Threads

Content is organized into threads that you and others create. A thread can be just for your personal message, or for a topic, event, particular time, department, etc... Whatever you'd like. Just click the button to start a new thread and give it a title.

Writing Passages

Passages are the basic unit of content you can contribute. A passage can be text, a single picture, or both (a picture accompanied by text).

Add passages with stories, memories, your favorite photos - whatever you'd like to contribute. After writing your passage or adding an image, be sure to press "Publish Passage" so your content is added to the project:

You may edit any content you've added after publishing by using the "Edit" menu present next to any passages you've published:

Terms Of Use

Required Reading

Use of this service requires agreeing to Santa Clara Vanguard's Terms and Conditions.

Please read all terms carefully before participating.

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